Call sites

Call sites show you where your code was called. They are an easy way to click through frames to understand your code’s execution.

Hovering over a call site shows a preview of the called function's return value, if Metawork captured one.

Direct call sites

Call sites that capture code that Metawork recorded are called direct call sites. They are underlined in purple and open the frame corresponding to the function called in the selected call site.

Indirect call sites

Sometimes during execution, intervening code that Metawork did not record calls your code. Call sites for this code are called “indirect” call sites, because Metawork doesn’t display where it was called. Metawork does capture return values from the indirect activity.

Indirect call sites are underlined in pink.


Call sites are underlined in yellow when they link to async threads of execution. Clicking an async call site will open a new thread of execution in the recording viewer, overlaid atop the origin thread. You may click through subsequent, synchronous call sites.