About Metawork

Welcome to the Metawork alpha! Thank you for pioneering with us.

What is Metawork?

Metawork is a low-overhead, always-on system for recording every aspect of your code’s execution—from function arguments and return values to call sites and timing data.

With Metawork, you’ll be able to understand code and how it works, taking any recording, from any environment, and walking through it slowly and methodically, examining arguments, return values, and even contextual values like self in Ruby.

Recordings aren’t abstracted or composited from telemetry about your code—rather, they show what actually happened. With Metawork, you no longer have to rely entirely on best-effort abstractions like logs.

Finally, Metawork uses novel technology to produce such low overhead that it can be “always on” in every environment, so you'll never have to figure out how to reproduce a development, CI or production bug again.

What do I use Metawork for?

Use Metawork to remove guesswork from writing new code and fixing existing code.

Metawork makes the following possible:

  • View any run of your code, function by function
  • Search your code execution history for specific values (e.g. “[email protected]”)
  • Search your code execution history for specific functions
  • Identify flagged runs of code and see what caused their issues

Who should use Metawork?

People who write software. (Seriously. All of you).

How do I use Metawork?

Use Metawork by installing the Metawork CLI on your machine following our Quick install guide.

What’s Next

Get started with our quick install guide.