Learn Metawork

Discover how to use the Metawork learn scripts to experience Metawork in seconds.

Metawork's Quick install instructions include a set of tutorial scripts you can run to experience Metawork for the first time.

These scripts run a program in your language runtime of choice. They are written with comments and specially-chosen variables so that you become familiar with Metawork through its use. We hope you're delighted by the language-specific features that help you understand what your code is up to during execution.

You can return to your terminal and run the tutorial scripts at any time (they are a great way to share Metawork with other developers):

1. Run a tutorial script in your language runtime of choice

ruby $METAWORK_HOME/learn/ruby.rb
node $METAWORK_HOME/learn/node.js

2. Visit the recording

mw open last