Quick start

Get started searching across your code’s execution in moments.



1. Run your application locally
Interact with your application locally, in the console or browser. Try any operation—running a job, signing in, or interacting with your application in your runtime’s console.

2. Visit your recording
Recordings appear in Metawork in real time.

View the new recording as it appears in Metawork by running

mw open last

You can also select the new recording from your recent recordings.

3. Search any relevant search term
Search for any relevant search term as a string in Metawork’s search bar.

Select a result of interest.

4. Step through frames
Metawork will automatically bring you to the recording and show a preview of the frames with results for your search.

Step through the frames until you find the one you need.

Click on values of interest and explore their internals.

Find something unexpected in your code's execution? Repeat this process in seconds to evaluate if your changes fixes the issue (or create a new one!).


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