This section covers troubleshooting information and known issues.

Starting Metawork

Localhost Unresponsive
Metawork is accessed via your browser. If Metawork fails to load at http://localhost:9160/, consider the following solutions:

  1. Run
mw stop

and then run

mw start

This will restart the Metawork service on your machine.

  1. Run
mw update
  1. If developing on a remote machine, check that port 9160 is forwarded.

Using Metawork

Code you expected isn’t displayed in a recording
You may not see code you expect in Metawork for a number of reasons:

  • The code may not have run. Metawork recordings provide an unprecedented level of visibility into your code’s execution. Our team has, on a number of occasions, been surprised to learn that code we believed was running was in fact not (or that code we believed was not running, was!). That’s part of the magic of using Metawork.
  • Metawork may not record the code in question. Metawork records this execution data.

Sharing Recordings

On Safari, opening shared recordings hangs on

There is known bug in Safari that prevents it from accessing content on localhost. Please access shared recordings in Chrome or Firefox.